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by Freezabox

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Poem (or my rant!):

Dictators, Spectators, and Regime Haters,
Money, Power, Corruption and Betrayers,
Propaganda and Lies, Missionary's and Spies,
All of the above have the ability to destroy lives,

History repeats and shows that seduction
To greed and money causes corruption,
Once over land, now oil is today's demand,
And the only people to suffer is the common man,

All governments want to stay in power,
Some rule with lies, and some with fear,
But there is only so far you can push any man,
Struggling to survive for himself or his clan,

Look into your own countries history,
And you'll find tales of power and greed,
With innocent people pushed to the brink,
What else do you expect, but an UPRISING

Does your God who equipped you with strength
Make your way blameless?
And do you have to spread his words
With violence, and hatred?

I believe that everyone
Has the power to do good and ill
And it is down to the individual
To believe "Thou should not kill"

So to the people at the top
Please stop inciting hatred
You may become immortal
But you will always be hated

And to everyone else
Take off your fighting gloves
Stop killing for your God
Surely your God should mean love

p.s. -- I do not have any religious beliefs...

This album is intended to provoke thought
Not to start war
If you find this provocative
Then I apologise for thinking
And interpreting what I am shown through world media


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released February 26, 2013

Written, Performed & Produced by Freezabox



all rights reserved


Freezabox London, UK

London based electronic artist. Dance, dub step, chill out, Foley, and strange ideas! Check out and share...

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